Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Review Of When The One Laughs By Tim Chante

Except:  It took a long time for Priya to think this one through. When she had a new thought come: "What is it like," she said, "When a soul wakes up into loneness, when a bit more of God comes home."

Sathmeh smiled. "That is when joy radiates through the cosmos. It is when the ONE laughs."

I give this book a five star review. Tim Chante weaves a good fantasy world with interesting characters. Thanks, Tim, for a good read.

Book Title:  When the ONE Laughs
Author: Tim Chante


Imagine you were on a secret mission. Imagine it was so secret, even you didn’t know about it.

When Tohmas and Hamal sign up for a bargain-rate adventure holiday, they become unwitting pawns in a cosmic struggle of infinite proportions. Fortunately they have Priya, a karate black-belt biker to help them (if she can forgive Tohmas for dumping her in their last incarnation), and their two inexperienced but enthusiastic spirit guides. Plus the ONE of course.

(When the ONE Laughs is a light-hearted, metaphysical narrative that interweaves the answers to why life started, how God thinks, and where we’re all going, with the road-trip adventures of a biker girl, her soul mate, and a weird old man in comedy slippers and a duffle coat).

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Author Bio:

Since leaving school in the early 80s with no qualifications (due to a combination of dislexia and dysinterest), Tim has cared for dolphins in northern Spain; taught all manner of things from IT, to Waterskiing to English; guided spiritual tourists up Mount Sinai on camels and drunk ones around Mallorca on coaches, and even cared for house-plants in a deep dark valley of greenhouses in Cornwall. He has travelled through most of Europe, to India and the Middle East, and lived for a while in Spain and the USA. He now lives on the English east coast with his wife, author J.C. Piech, and has a grown up, adopted son.

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