Thursday, November 7, 2013

My Review Of Destined Oracle by J. G. Martinez

Today I have a blog stop for the YA suspense novel from Write More publications entitled, Destined Oracle. Destined Oracle is the first release from new YA author J.G. Martinez. You will find more about her below, but first take a look at this fantastic book:


With evil corrupting even the ranks of angels, the one to save the world doesn't know of what she is capable. At three years old, her Mother hid her in the human world from the realm of magic and from those who wished to thwart her destiny. After her last remaining relative on her father's side passes away, her mother decided to return her daughter to the magic world where she belongs. With the forces of evil building an army, will Savina find the power and strength to do what she was born to do? Or will the forces of evil finish what it began years before and destroy her?

Destined Oracle takes us on a fast paced ride through the world of fallen angels and magic. This sweet romantic tale will draw you in and captivate you. With its take on what it means to come into your own in the world, and still be true to yourself, everyone will find something to relate to.

I give this book a five star review. I loved it. In her debut novel J. G. Martinez gets the the formula right. She draws you in and keeps you turning pages with a read that just flows off the pages. I would say this book is appropriate for upper YA to adult and you won't be disappointed when you pick it up. Full of magical romance and danger. Savina is a strong, powerful character even though she has her weaknesses. She is loyal and will protect those she loves and cares for.

J.G. Martinez has been writing since she was nine years old, having completed her first novel at the age of ten. Her passion for fantasy and everything supernatural is just a natural part of who she is. J.G. loves reading anything that grabs her attention and loves writing. She loves God, her family and friends and holds each close to her heart. She is also a major animal lover. She was born in Georgia, but raised in Texas where she currently resides. When she isn’t writing or reading, she enjoys drawing and painting. Her poem “Heart Aches” was published in the 2006, International Library of Poetry titled “Timeless Voices.” In 2007, she graduated with an Associate degree from San Joaquin Valley College, California in Science. She hopes to bring her imagination to life in those that read her stories.


You can find J.G Martinez on the Write More Publications Web site, Amazon, and her Facebook page.

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