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My Review of How To Run A Home-Based E-Bay Store By Annette Shaw

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Genres: Non-Fiction, Business, Ebay, and How To's


A perfect solution to make ends meet or to prepare for the holidays without going into debt. Try this comprehensive guide, written for the stay-home mom, detailing how to set up a home-based business through eBay and beyond from the perspective of a dress shop but applicable to any product. This book reveals how to: --Set up a USPS, eBay and PayPal Account --Set up listings including Explaining conditions, brand & category Taking photos & editing Item Descriptions Payments systems to use Shipping preferences & services Countries to sell to & some you should avoid --How to Set yourself apart from competitors --Great Images Where to purchase mannequins What camera to purchase

--How to purchase merchandise to resell Where to purchase online merchandise at a great discount sent right to your door --How to schedule your pick-up through --A typical day in the life of an eBay merchant --How to manage your work area --Managing your profits and much more *Bonus Content- Includes online sources to market your eBay inventory simultaneously.

 I have been selling on ebay for years, and I found this book to be very informative. It is easy to understand and makes selling on Ebay so easy. If you are looking into selling on ebay, I highly recommend reading this book.


Chapter 4: Setting Ourselves Apart

Now that you know what it’s like to sell normally on eBay let’s get started on the next step creating a unique and professional identity on eBay. What will your business look and feel like? It’s no secret that there are millions of sellers on eBay, so what will set you apart from the crowd as a respected and trusted seller? Think aboutwhat kind of shopper you are when you go to a brick and mortar store. Walking through a clean, well-cared for store enables a customer to browse a little longer and linger over items catching her eye. By contrast, strolling through a store that is dirty, loud and in disarray makes me beeline for the exit, never mind the merchandise! This holds true for online shopping as well. The way I chose to go about this is using an auction template and image hosting company in one. This is a terrific company that provides seamless and quite creative auction templates that also host all of your images. Instead of using eBay to list your items you go to create listings through them.


The Seller Source Book (SSB) transfers your listing to eBay flawlessly. Their monthly fee is $8 or $21 a quarter and conveniently comes right out of your PayPal account. You can even get 10% off their monthly subscription with this coupon code 8BB48.

My second recommendation for creating a unique professional feel for your listings is:

 I started out using Seller Source Book alone to create my listings and eventually wanted something more, so I sought out this company to make the custom header template below for a look and feel uniquely me which took about a week to complete.
She and I Designs then installed the HTML code into SSB’s photo hosting template. Again for a very reasonable one-time fee, they will create a unique design for you after a few emails explaining what you’re looking for.
Or She and I Designs has pre-made, wonderfully creative templates that they sell a limited number of, which you can browse
through and purchase. They’re very familiar with both eBay and Seller Source Book ensuring a perfect transition.


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About the Author:

Annette Shaw is a wife of 24 years, mother of three beautiful children, native Texan, eBay Power Seller and aspiring writer living in beautiful eastern Washington state. Annette is an avid reader, writer and putterer when not engaging customers from all over the world in this life of an eBay merchant.

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