Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random Thoughts of a Writer

We all have thoughts running though our heads on a regural basics. As a writer I am continually thinking about writing - different scenes, characters, and story ideas. These ideas pop into my head when I'm out walking the dogs, or cleaning house or when I'm just waking up in the morning from a dream. Usaully I try to write my dreams down first thing in the morning because sometime those dreams turn into stories. Usually when I get idea for a scene or character or what I think might be a good idea for a story, I like to write it down as soon as I can.

What if one day I'm in the tub soaking and this great idea pops into my head. It's the greatest ending to my story that I had been struggling with. No time to wait. I have to get to a pencil and paper now. So I dash out of the tub with nothing on but a robe. I'm dripping wet, leaving puddles as I scramble around to find paper and pencil and I fall, flat on my back on the floor. This great idea for the closing scene falls out of my head and lands in a million pieces all around me. I lay sprawled on the floor whishing I kept a pad and pencil by the tub.

This has never happened to me, thank God. I'd probably break a hip or something. But I thought about all the great ideas I had floating around in my head that never got written down because I didn't have anything to write it down on. So it's important as writers to have a notebook, pencil, maybe even a recorder so that we can jot down our ideas before they fall out of our head or get crowded out by another character.

When a writer takes a shower do they sing or do they plot out a story into a recorder? I usually sing, but if I had a recorder my family would think I was crazy talking to myself.

Next time you hear someone talking to themselves, listen closely. They could be plotting their next best seller. I know I would be.

Keep writing and reading.

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