Thursday, October 25, 2012

Random Thought of a Writer

NaNo is next month. Part of me is excited about doing it again this year. What will the story be about? What new characters will pop out of my head. Part of me worries about will I be able to write everyday. Will I be able meet my goal everyday. 50,000 words is a lot of words to write in a month.

Some writers outline and plot the story they will be working on. Every year I always tell myself I'll plot and outline and get ready for NaNo, but just like this year I never get around to actually plotting the story. Nov. 1 I sit down in front of the blank screen and just start typing. I start with an idea and as I type the characters start to reveal themselves.

As long as I sit down and write something everyday, I try not to worry if I meet the word limit or not everyday. Some days I get in the groove of writing and the story just seems to flow through me. Then other days it is a struggle.

I look at NaNo as a way to discipline myself to write. Somedays it is so easy to get involved in other things/stuff and avoid writing. Other days I feel off if I don't sit down and write.

This year I have a lot of writing projects I'm working on so my writing time is limited. But I think NaNo will give me the chance to free write instead of just revising all the time.

This is just my random thoughts on NaNo. So if you don't see me blogging in the month of Nov. this is why - my fingers are flying away on the keyboard.

Keep writing and reading.

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