Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Review Of Lovelady's Colours By Jane Godman

Forty years ago, five teenagers died in horrific circumstances inside the old house known as Lovelady’s Gwal. Now, the only survivor, Jake Merrion, has returned to tell their story. 

Back in 1975, sixteen year old Lovelady Jones was a boy with no identity. A boy who knew he was really a girl. A boy whose life was dominated by colour. 

Lovelady can’t ignore the strange hold the house has over him, or the way it appears to respond to his emotions. Or the strange painting on the walls of Lovelady’s Gwal. Is it coincidence a new colour brightens with each friend’s brutal murder? 

Is Lovelady prepared for the final reveal?

My Review:  Five stars. Lovelady's Colours is a colorful, gripping, intriguing story of murder. Lovelady Jones is a person with secrets. He dreams in colors. Each color represents one of his friends brutal murder inside the old house known as Lovelady Gwal. I really enjoyed this page-turner of a story.  I received this book free from Muse Book Club for an honest review. 


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