Friday, November 6, 2015

My Review Of Shadow Strength By Wendi L Wilson

At 16, Melanie Johnson is a typical teenage girl. She has a BFF she adores, a mad crush on her good friend Jeremy, and an evil Barbie doll that destroys her self-esteem on a regular basis. One fateful night, after being humiliated at a party, Melanie is attacked and nearly raped as she walks home. A mysterious dog appears out of nowhere, just in the nick of time, saves her and then disappears just as quickly. No one saw him but her. And the man who tried to rape her. 
In the wake of the attack, Melanie tries to pull her life back together with the help of her friends. Just as things start to go her way, she starts to receive creepy notes from her attacker, promising to finish what he started. And to make things more complicated, Jeremy has a dark secret that Melanie's not sure she can accept. 
Can Melanie and Jeremy reveal the identity of her stalker before he attacks again? Will Jeremy's secret drive a wedge between them? And will the mysterious dog save her in the end, like he did in the beginning?

My Review: I loved this book. Melanie is a great character, but she suffers from low self esteem. She is attacked and almost raped coming home from a party. Some how through this ordeal she finds out who her attacker s ad finds hidden strength and confidence. "It's like a new Melanie is coming out of the shadows and into the light. Mystery. Romance. Page turner. Good twist to the ending. Now I need to read book 2. Thank you, Wendi, for a good read. I received this book free for an honest review.  

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