Monday, June 29, 2015

My Review Of Lure By Tarynn Kerr

David was looking forward to doing some hiking on his family camping trip. That is, until he’s lured into another world. Now he has to hike through the fae world, where fairies, hellhounds, and all sorts of magical creatures are lying in wait. These aren’t nice, fairytale creatures. No, everything here seems determined to kill David and his family. He has to escape this dangerous realm, but the one fairy that can help him may be the one that keeps him here

My Review:  I loved this book. I love to read books where the characters come alive on the page so that is one reason why I enjoyed reading this book. David doesn't realize the world he will enter when he meets a stranger who invites him to hike on a trail. Secret. Danger. Adventure. I want to read the next book. 

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