Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Review Of Emma Learns To Sprout

Book Description

 July 18, 2014  3 - 8  P - 2
This lovely children's book is about how to gain healthy eating habits in a creative way
What can parents do in order to help their kids to eat nutritious food?

Emma is a sweet kindergartener who learns to sprout lentils with her mom in their kitchen in a fun and super-easy way.

After hearing her mom’s explanations on this beautiful process and its enormous benefits, she gets enthusiastic: "I want to sprout!"

Here are several reasons why you should sprout with your kids:
1. It fascinates kids.
A child that sees the legume in its raw form at the beginning will be fascinated to observe how they swell, and later begin to grow small “tails,” eventually growing beautiful long “tails” (those are the sprouts).
2. It's fast and simple.
Unlike what some parents might think, sprouting with children requires only a few minutes a day.
3. It's significantly higher in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients than dry legumes.
4. It's a wonderful parent-child activity.
What better way to spend time with your children than by teaching them how to grow something nutritious? Sprouting is simple enough for preschoolers to understand. And unlike other DIY activities, it doesn’t make a mess!
5. It's a wonderful DIY activity for kids!
After you've done a few successful sproutings with the kids, they can start doing it all by themselves. Yes, it's really that simple!
6. Sprouting makes legumes easier to digest.
7. The sprouts can be used in variety of ways.
Both raw, in a salad or as a snack, or as a healthier alternative to dry legumes in any recipe that calls for them.
8. Sprouting increases the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals in the body.
So how can we sprout legumes easily, and how can parents make their kids enthusiasts about sprout legumes and later eat them?

Read our interesting, fun story to find out!

It's a must for all children and parents, preschool teachers and nutritionists. This children's book gives unique and creative tools for dealing with the issue of healthy eating among young children, a matter that is relevant to every family. Not only does it makes kids understand the importance of eating well, but it also helps to deal with kids who refuse to eat well with a creative, unexpected solution that leaves both children and their parents surprised.

This children's book is a great read for preschoolers.

My Review:  Entertaining way to teach children about sprouting and how to eat healthy. Also Emma had to learn to be patient because it takes a while before you can eat the sprouts. 

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