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Riddle Of We Book Tour & Giveaway

Virtual Book Tour Dates: 4/14/14 – 4/21/14

Genres: Children/Tween


On their journey, Bliss, Faith, Will and Bond face the forces of nature and an even worse foe—Chaos whips up trouble wherever she goes. The kids find help from a lovable bunch of mysterious Synergy Pals, far more than the sum of their parts. They meet wise guides, who set them on the right path. Once they find the map at the Heartwood Tree, it proves to be an even greater treasure then any of them could imagine. 


The path opened into a cavern filled with sharp, beautiful rock formations. Vivid colors flashed on the far walls like shapes in a kaleidoscope. Will ran his flashlight beam over them. Crystals sparkled on the ceiling.
Bond’s eyes lit up, dazzled by the sight. “Wow!”
I’m going to climb up and get some of those crystals.” Will gazed back at Bond. “How are you going to climb with those shoes?”
Bond looked puzzled. “Climb?”
Will flashed his light on Bond’s feet to reveal a pair of old sneakers with worn soles and no laces. He studied Bond’s shoes doubtfully. “Think you can make it up there?” He moved the light beam again along the rocks and up to the crystals.
I can if you can!” said Bond.
Will took the first careful step onto the rock. It held. He looked back at Bond. “Just watch where I go and step where I do.”
Bond’s courage leaked. “I don’t know about this, Will.”
Well, it’s up to you. I’m going, with or without you.” Will continued to climb up the cavern wall, carefully testing his footing with each step.
Bond watched fearfully. “Hey, Will. Wait up.”
Will paused as Bond began to climb. Perched on a high, narrow ledge, Will could barely reach the crystals. He tried to knock off a crystal using his pocketknife. A large fragment fell into his hand.
Hey, check this out!” he yelled down the wall. “We hit the jackpot! Bond? Are you still with me?”
I’m coming as fast as I can!” With his slippery shoes, Bond couldn’t climb as fast as Will. He slipped and nearly fell as loose stones tumbled to the cavern floor. His voice grew shaky. “Maybe we’d better go back. I’ll bet the rain has stopped by now.”
Will ignored Bond’s suggestion. “I bet if I hit these hard enough all of the crystals will fall down. You really have to know how to do things.”
Uh-huh. Then what?” asked Bond.
You go pick them up. We’ll take them all back and make a fortune.”
Will chipped away at the wall, not thinking about the possible danger of a shower of rocks and crystals.
Hey Will, do you think tapping that greed button is wise? I mean, should we be messing with Mother Nature? Remember what happened the last time? We were attacked by branches.”
Bond started to work his way down to the cavern floor. His hands slipped over the rocks and the stones shifted beneath his feet. He gazed up at the dark, ugly gap that was once home to many of the crystals that Will had now knocked down.
Lots of crystals were not enough for Will. He wanted tons. Since his knife was too small to do much good, he smashed at the ceiling with his flashlight handle. Bam! Bam! Bam! Crystals rained down all around Bond.
Bond covered his head with his forearm. “Will!”
I want ‘em all!” Bam! This time, a dull roar surrounded them as a large section of rock thundered down. “Look out!” yelled Will.
The crash of crystals knocked Bond to the cavern floor where a dull orange light lingered over the piles of rock.
Bond? Bond, are you okay?” There was no answer.

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About the Author:

 Ardys Reverman is an internationally acclaimed as an innovative educator on the marvels and mysteries of the brain. Originally inspired by her own life as a Mom, her quest to understand innate talents add up to different way for being smarter together. In 1982, Ardys founded the Communication Technology courses through which she developed a global educational curriculum, enrolling participants in the developmental path toward the next state of human evolution. She recently published a children’s book, Riddle of We at the Heartwood Tree.

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