Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Book Review Of Night Sea Journey

Hi readers,

This is my review of Night Sea Journey A Tale Of The Supernatural by Paula Cappa.

I give this book a five star review. I loved it from the very beginning and all the way to the end.

Paula took me on a journey through Kip's dreams of angels and demons. Or were they Kip's dreams? Great visual descriptive writing let me see Kip's paintings and let me experience the dreams along with Raymond, a priest who just met Kip.

Toward the end of the book, Raymond asks this question to a friend. "Do you think its possible for a dream, a dream that is so powerful, so full of desire that the dream is capable of manifesting its elements into our world?"

It's a great question. If you want to know the answer, I suggest you read Night Sea Journey by Paula Cappa.

I'm fascinated with dreams and the supernatural, so this story fired my imagination.

Thanks, Paula for a great read.

Night Sea Journey is about the psychic reality of dreams and nightmares.
This is an atmospheric mystery, driven by psychological drama and paranormal
events where reality and nightmares merge. Rich characters, psychological
undertones, romance, and murder make this little supernatural thriller a
fast-paced read

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