Friday, November 9, 2012

Interview With Sarah Kay From Ghostly Clues


As a writer/author, it is my job to make the characters come alive for the readers. Before I can make the characters come alive for the reader, first they need to come alive for me. How does a writer do that? By doing a character sketch. Not just what they look like, but also what do they do, about their family, hobbies, likes and dislikes, friends, things you'd want to know about a person you just met. So once I get a character developed, then I like to interview them, to get to know them better. Once they have come alive for me, I put the characters into situations, give them problems to solve. So I hope as a writer my characters come alive for the reader because they do come alive for me.

In November, Ghostly Clues will be released. It will become a book and I hope a lot of young readers will enjoy reading about Sarah Kay, the main character in Ghostly Clues. I hope the readers will be able to relate to her and she will come alive in their minds as they read her story.

Today I would like to do an interview with Sarah Kay from my new book Ghostly Clues.

Welcom Sarah Kay.

Thank you. You can call me SK.
Okay, SK. First question. Did you really see your grandmother's ghost?
You really need to read the book to find out. But I will tell you, grandparents have creative ways of communicating even from beyond the grave.
How does your grandma communticate with you from beyond the grave?

Well whenever her spirit is around and she wants me to know it, she sends the smell of lilacs, her favorite flower. Which is kind of silly on Grandma's part because I sneeze like crazy when I smell lilacs. Grandma must think it's funny. Gramps says it's the best way to get my attention. And it does get my attention especailly when I smell lilacs and they're not even in bloom. The first time I smelled lilacs was at her funeral. I didn't think much about it until I heard a voice say Kay. Only Gramps and Grandma called me Kay most other people call me Sarah. So that kind of freaked me out when I realized that Gramps wasn't calling my name.

Wow. Before this ghostly experience, did you believe in ghosts?
Oh, sure. In books and movies, but not in real life. MJ and I love scary movies.

Who is MJ?
Mary Jane. She's my best friends. She helped me out a lot on figuring out Grandma's ghostly clues.
So now you are a firm believer in ghosts? You bet. Grandma's ghost helped me find my dad.

So has your grandma's ghost left you any more ghostly clues lately? Not since I found my dad. But MJ and I look forward to following more ghostly clues from grandma or any other ghosts if they wish to leave us clues.

Well thanks, SK, for talking with us. It has been nice getting to know you a little better. Thanks. For the readers out there, don't just think ghosts are in books and movies, because ghosts are real and it is fun to follow the ghostly clues they leave for us to find.

You can read more about Sarah Kay in Ghostly Clues to be released in November from
Next week I will interview Mary Jane, Sarah Kay's best friend.

Keep writing and reading.

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