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My Review Of Two Kids By Richard Levine

About the Book

Title: Two Kids * Author: Richard Levine * Publication Date: June 7, 2014 * Publisher: Firedrake Books LLC * Pages: 247 * Recommended Age: 10+
Summary: Tall, gawky, and twelve, D.C. Blau stumbles into her cousin Becky’s birthday party wearing a neon yellow T-shirt so bright it could burn someone’s eyeballs out. Towering above the boys there and self-conscious about her height, she prefers to think that it’s the boys who are the outliers, that Becky has more “dwarf” friends than Snow White — but one among them catches her eye, Rob, a definite Bashful.
Strangely, though they’ve never before met, the tall girl and the shy boy take to each other like long lost pals. So begins an unusual tweenage friendship, one that carries the two kids though a year both terrible and wonderful. There’s banter, and fun with fantasy. Ballplayers so huge they’re named after mountains. An island populated with up-chucking vampire birds. Freaky fortunes from a funky fortune-teller lady. A flukey fishing trip, and a rollicking, roller-coaster of a small plane ride. Father’s Day blues. And in the end, a climactic, life-changing event that spirals down from “out of the blue.”

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The Buzz About the Book

“. . . delightfully dialogue-rich and character-driven portrayal of modern youth set in the New York suburbs. . . The book speaks to the resiliency of human nature–especially when we are young–and the stubborn belief that life will continue.” ~ CLARION RATING, FIVE STARS, Foreword Reviews
“This is a nice story about friendship, fitting in and a little bit of innocent teenage crushes thrown in.  I think kids ages 10 to 14 (tweenies) will have no trouble feeling for the main characters and will sympathize with the uncomfortable situations that age group often has to deal with–not only their own bodies and friends, but also the strange oddities of parents and relatives.” ~ T.S. Drecker, Amazon
No [matter] how old you are, you will find a character you will relate to, no matter your age. You could be 6, 12, 17, 43. No matter what, this is a heartfelt book to read.” ~ Madison, Goodreads
 My Review: I loved this book. D.C. and Rob are the main characters. They take turns telling the story from their point of view. They build a friendship and encounter quite a few hardships through the story. Rob and D.C. are characters that the reader ca connect with. I know I did. 

About The Author: Richard Levine

Richard Levine

Richard grew up in Jericho, Long Island, and practiced Diagnostic Radiology for many years before retiring. He and his wife have two daughters.

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